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Full refund
  1. 1.If you never receive your orders
  2. 2.All products arrive damaged
  3. 3.You receive products that are significantly different from what the seller advertised.
Exchange goods without return in 180 days.
  1. If there any problems with the products, you can contact with eastmachinery.com to get a new one, without return the purchased one.
How does buyer protection work?
Contact seller
If your order hasn't arrived within the promised time, or isn't as described -contact the seller.Most sellers are happy to quickly resolve any issues.
Open Dispute to Make a Refund
If you were unable to resolve the problem with the seller, you can submit a refund request by clicking Open Dispute.
All our suppliers are from China.
Less intermediate, we supply higher quality, lower price and more considerate service
Buyer protection plus FAQS
When placing an order
Pay attention to the unit format for the products you are placing orders for. Products on Eastmachinery are listed as being sold in either pieces or lots (which one is determined by the seller). If you are not planning to buy products in wholesale quantity, make sure to look for products that are sold as individual "pieces" and not as "lots". Please always check your shipping address for errors before completing your orders. This extra step can prevent a lot of unnecessary delay and inconvenience down the road.
Checking for product and seller quality
However when paying by either offline bank transfer or Western Union, some additional steps are required. For offline bank transfers, you must include a reference to your Eastmachinery ID and order number on your bank payment form. This helps us to more quickly link your payment to your order. For Western Union payments, please remember to enter your MTCN number in the final stage of the payment process. If you fail do so, your payment will be considered incomplete and we will be unable to process your order.


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