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XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)

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Product Summary

HT-812 compact Infrared thermometer provides fast,easy and accurate readings.and widely used to be measure the temperature in industial.

What's Included

1 x Color Box, 1 x Instruction, 1 x Plastic Uptake, 1 x 9V Carbon Zinc Battery, 1 x Leather Sheath, 1 x Carton

Product Details

XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)

Model No :HT-812

1.Temperature Range: -50 °cto 450°c (-58 °Fto 842°F)

2.Temperature Resolution: 0.1°c/°F

3.Emissivity: Fixe at 0.95

4.Optical Resolution 12: 1Distance to spot size- ratio

5.Basic accuracy:±2% of reading or ±2°c/±4°F

6.Response time:<1 second

7.Diode Laser: output<1mW a 630-670mm class 11 laserproduce

8.Spectral Response: 6~14μm

9.Power supply: 9V battery, NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR61, or equivalent

XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)
XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)

Features + Benefits

XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)
  • 1.Unique flat surface, Mini modern housing design
  • 2.Simple one-handed operation
  • 3.Laser Targeting
  • 4. LCD with back light
  • 5.laser ON/OFF switch
  • 6.laser ON/OFF switch
  • 7.Automatic power off
  • 8. Display Hold Function
  • 9.Max,Min function


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Single gross weight: 0.39 KG
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XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)

Customer Reviews

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By JG On Dec 07, 2016

    It's not crazy accurate, but what do you expect for a unit that is literally 50% of the price of most similar devices? This is a better unit, arguably, than what you get at your local tool discount store. It does the trick - tells me if my grill is up to temp, lets me find the cold spot in my attic... and while the temperatures aren't super accurate, they're consistent - which is far more important. I don't need to know exactly how much heat I'm losing through my roof, but I do need to know if one roof section is 10 degrees colder than the next. That said, it seems as accurate as my friend's MUCH more expensive unit.

    Nota Bene: The first one I got was defective, DOA. Eastmachinery not only fixed the issue, they made sure I got the same price even though it had gone up. A+ for Eastmachinery customer service, as always!

    By Newton On Nov 11, 2016

    I've done many tests with this thermometer and it is always on the money. Wall thermometer says 77 degrees? Nubee says 77 degrees. Sous vide machine says the water temperature is 131.0 degrees? Nubee says 131.0 degrees. I bought this on a whim when it was on sale but since then have found many useful purposes. My favorite is when cooking steak on a cast iron grill pan. I use the Nubee to check the temperature of the pan (try doing that with a probe!) and it's interesting to observe how the heat distributes through the pan. (For the curious, cast iron is pretty un-even.)

    It's also interesting to measure the surface temperature of the steak and compare that with the interior temperature of it (you'll need a probe thermometer for this.) With all this information, I've improvised different cooking techniques with steak. My latest attempt was when I was short on time and couldn't let the steak get to room temperature before cooking. I seared both sides hot and fast. The surfaces were well above well-done, but the core temperature was still raw. I let the steak rest on a plate until the surface and core were closer to equilibrium, then gave it another sear. Steak came out perfect!

    Another use I've found is while roasting coffee beans, especially at night when the lighting is not good to determine the roast by sight. I can quickly get a reading and know when to stop the roast.

    f you're a nerdy chef like me, this thing is a must.

    By zacware On Oct 15, 2016

    I saw a link on gizmodo for this item when there was a special promotion on it so I bought it on a whim. It's great! Everyone at the office has to borrow it. It you want a rough idea of the temperature near a window or a door, or maybe to see how hot the bottom of your laptop is, then this is a great tool to have around for what is a fairly low cost investment.

    By Dave Reynolds On Sep 10, 2016

    Small, efficient, and intuitive.

    It wakes up quickly after not being used, and, if you hold down the trigger, it will
    Unfortunately, I was an idiot and bought this because I thought I could use it to temp my steak. However, it's so amazing that I was still happy with this purchase. I've yet to actually purchase a meat thermometer though, because I'm having too much fun with this.

    By Djdunn1988 On Sep 04, 2016

    I have the NUB8500H Model. Very easy to use, comes with a 9volt battery. I find that it is useful for computer repair, as well as measure different laptop cooling pads to see which works best for the device. It has info on how to correctly use the laser, and warnings of the radiation omitted from the device. There is a Large LED Screen (Blue)that comes on when you press the button and the device auto shuts down when not in use.One button can switch the laser option on and off, while another can easily switch C & F degrees.

    When pressing the button, it says scan. When you release it is HOLD. Shows current temp reading, and max below it. Overall this is a very affordable option that is easy to use. Great for Check AC Temp, Food, water, computers, and just about anything else you can point it at. Do be-careful with the laser, and keep away from children.

    "I received free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review."I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own. One may or may not have the same opinion as myself when reading this. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

    By kinakomochi On Aug 15, 2016

    Being the price was under $20 I wasn't expecting anything like the $60+ ones I've used before, so expectations were relatively low. But this is pretty good at what it claims to be on the tin...

    One positive I liked right away, is the construction of this meter... thick plastic, while nothing special, could've just as easily been nickel/dimed away considering the price point. But esp the hinged cover for the battery compartment, the digital screen and backlight, and overall sense of quality are pretty good; feels solid and comfortable to hold and digital readout is clear and legible.

    One negative I definitely noticed right away... was the ridiculously small icons on the lentil-sized buttons controlling backlight/laser, mode, and units. Now, I'm in my 40s and will need reading glasses sometime... but was balking at how tiny these buttons are and the afterthought white printed glyphs smooshed together on their split-pea real estate.

    Seems pretty accurate against a Fluke temp probe and a more expensive infrared meter. Will update once I get my A/C unit installed and sealed off with the Nubee's help.

    By All Around Geek On Aug 04, 2016

    The Nubee Temperature Gun was super easy to use right out of the package. Just pop in the included 9V battery and off you go. The default setting is in degrees Celsius, but switching it over to Fahrenheit was a just a button push away. You get your temperature reading in seconds. If you hold your position a bit longer you will have a current reading as well as MAX reading (the highest temp for that scan).

    Still not sure about the EMS adjustable function (but there is a handy chart in the instructions and in this product description). As I learn more about using the product I am sure I will get to know what/when to use those settings. For now checking the temperature of heating surfaces in the kitchen and outside (checking sidewalk temps to protect dog paws and sliding boards to keep kids from getting burnt) won't require to many adjustments. Can't wait to see what the sand temperature is at the beach and to spot those drafty areas around doors and windows this winter.

    Definitely more than just an industrial tool.

    Unlike other reviewers I have not seen any drain on the battery as of yet and I have left in unused for almost three weeks.

    Since it is laser guided, it can double as a cat toy too.

    Disclaimer: We got our Nubee Infrared Thermometer free to try out and give our honest opinion.

    By Yogi On Jul 19, 2016

    I love this. My cold foot in a sock is 76.3, my naked arm is 89.4, my dog's fur is 75.3. The ceiling in my cold closet is 67.6, but the hatch to the attic is just 63.6 It needs insulation and is why my closet is so cold. I received it this morning and found the walls in the downstairs guest bedroom are 4 degrees warmer than the upstairs master bedroom. This is such fun. I can't wait to cook something! Do you want to know the temperature of my WiFi router? 86.0.

    By Frank On Jun 08, 2016

    Nubee made a wonderful product. I had been wanting an infrared temperature gun for a while and I love the newest offering: NUB8500H (2015 version). There are a lot of different infrared temperature gun's on Eastmachinery and they all do relatively the same thing. They measure the surface temperature at a given point in time.

    There was one killer feature that I had that have, and that was EMS Adjustable. Emissivity is different for every surface, for example, something that's shiny will have an emissivity of ~0.25 while a black object will have an emissivity of ~0.95. Setting the right emissivity is important when you want an accurate measure its surface temperature.

    This is a fun product, when I first received it, I measured everything I could point at! But my main reasons for purchasing this gun was two fold:

    1. Cooking

    2. Ambient temperature for wine storage

    There is a french technique of cooking called Sous Vide. It's slow cooking at a constant temperature that produces fantastic results! There are many Sous Vide machines out there, but they range from $100-$500 dollars. There is also a poor man's version, by using a cooler and a thermometer. I used the temperature gun to help me maintain a steady 136 degrees for cooking lambchops, and so far it's been amazing!

    My secondary purpose for the gun was to check the temperature for my wines. Red wine should be kept at a temperature of approx ~60-65 degrees F. I have a very cool basement, and I wanted to make sure the ambient temperature throughout the day was roughly inline with the proper storage level until I could afford a wine cellar.

    The gun has done extremely well for both scenarios! This is a steal, especially when it's on sale. You simply install the 9V battery, adjust emissivity, point and shoot! The temperature readings are immediate, and as long as you hold down to the trigger it will continue to measure the temperature and give you the max temperature reading for the duration. Highly recommended product!

    By Gary On May 14, 2016

    This temperature gun is feature rich considering the price. Unlike my old temperature gun which only has one button for Centigrade or Fahrenheit this one has two additional option buttons: one for emissivity and a multi-function button for back-light, laser tracking light and reading hold. The instruction sheet has as table of emissivity ratings for different materials that you can use. It defaults a setting of 0.95 which is common for many materials. In comparing readings with my old gun the readings would vary by as much as 2 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be hard to tell which one was more accurate. Of course, the differences could be related to emissivity. You can change emissivity by pressing the center button and then pressing either of the other two buttons to increase or decrease the value. The multi-function button is a little confusing since it sets three different functions. I discovered that repeatedly pressing the button sets various function combinations. The included battery is not an alkaline battery so you may want to check it occasionally in case it corrodes.

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XINTEST HT-812 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 450℃)

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