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Seller Guarantee Services

Sellers who are part of Seller Guarantee Services are responsible for fulfilling the promise for the service they provide. In the case the seller does not fulfill his promise for the respective seller guarantee service, the buyer is entitled to monetary compensation.

Our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee applies to any product that is included as part of our Guarantee and includes the following conditions:

·When the seller does not dispatch the goods within the agreed processing time, our system will automatically return payment to the buyer and also deduct US $10 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer;

·When the seller provides an invalid tracking number. In this case, upon notification from buyer, on his/her behalf, we will investigate the complaint. Once we have confirmed the tracking number to be invalid, sellers will be required to upload a valid tracking number at a specific time and if they are not able to do so, our system will deduct US $20 from the seller’s account to compensate the buyer.

These rules do not apply to situation where the buyer cancelled the order because of items not now required.

Dispatch Pledge (Special Condition)

If a customer places multiple orders for the same product to be shipped to the same address within a narrow timeframe (e.g. one month), these orders will be treated as one order if a seller violates our Dispatch Pledge Guarantee.

In such an instance, compensation to the buyer will be as follows:
·The seller does not dispatch the goods: $10
·The seller provides an invalid tracking number: $20

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