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Distributor Policy

Rebate policy: (we offer rebate based on cumulative order amount , the currency unit is USD)


Quarter turnover

Rebate rate







Over 150,000



How to rebate : Direct deduction in next order payment


When rebate: the next 15th after every financial reconciliation


Rebate condition :( initial order amount no less than $ 3,000) .

1. If distributors’first order can not reach $ 3,000 , we can make a monthly assessment. Those whose first month's purchase amounted to $ 3,000 may also be considered qualified distributors. At the same time, for the large first single order , we give additional incentives, such as a 2% cash back or coupons for the second order;


2. If phase amount is less than $10,000 dollars within a quarter , You can also get distributor qualification but can not get rebate.

Recommendation prizes: to recommend another Eastmachinery distributor successfully, you can get 1% of their purchase amount as a reward.


Other issues besides the rebate policy

1.Distributor Price issue: Distributors will enjoy exclusive distributors’ price


2.Distributor Level: Distributors have different levels according to their phase amount, such as gold, silver and other distributor levels, and different distributor level enjoy different discounts


Distributor classification :( quarterly assessment)

Common Distributor: $ 10,000 or less per quarter, just enjoy distributors price, without any discount;

Bronze Distributor: $ 10,000 -$30,000 dollars per quarter, to enjoy the distributors price and 2% off;

Silver Distributor: $ 30,000 -$60,000 dollars per quarter, to enjoy the distributors price and 3% off;

Gold Distributor: $ 60,000 -$150,000 dollars per quarter, to enjoy the price distributors and 4% off;

Diamond Distributor: $150,000 dollars per quarter or more, to enjoy the distributors price and 5% off;


If you still have questions, please Contact Us
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