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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By lifeiswonderful on Jul 12, 2015

    super awesome price. Great great quality. I've dropped it, I've thrown it in my toolbox. I've had it in my car for weeks, just playing with it. the kids play with it, and its still working strong. Very accurate. Very easy to work with. Point and shoot. You'll find hundreds and hundreds of things to use it for. I use it for inside the house to see if the wall is cold or hot, to figure out my insulation issues. I use it on the vehicle all over the place to find out what are the hot spots on the engine, And cooling system. I even put in my air conditioning unit, inside the house, and inside the car. To figure out if the air conditioning system is putting out what it's supposed too. I work at a shop. I'll let the other guys use it. Even the owner ended up ordering one cuz he was so impressed with it. Not like those cheaply made ones at the discount stores.Plus the dogs love chasing the laser.

    By Dale Campbell on Jun 16, 2015

    I bought this to check the temperature of the pavement before I walk my little Yorkie in the blazing hot summer of Phoenix. Even when it is a little cooler in the morning the temperatures can easily be too high for her to walk comfortably without hurting her. The sun really heats things up quickly. I don't walk her when the temperature of the street or sidewalk exceeds 115 degrees. The temperature between the street and sidewalk is significantly different as well with the asphalt being much hotter. This thermometer is easy to use right out of the box and is high quality and very reasonably priced. I feel so sorry for the dogs that are being walked in spite of the searing temperatures. I wish people would at least feel the temperature of the pavement before they subject their poor dogs to it.

    By Insert name here. on Jan 21, 2015

    Only had it a day now so who knows how it will perform long term, but short term it is everything it claims to be.

    It has a good back light and laser to target what you want to read in cramped/dark spaces.

    It is also reasonable accurate within 5 degrees. Mine seems to run slightly high. Measuring the thermostat that says 68 degrees F the infrared thermometer says 71 degrees F.

    Honestly for the price I think that is quite reasonable if you don't need absolute accuracy.

    I am using mine to assist in trouble shooting catalyst inefficiency codes in two vehicles, so I need to check the temperature of the catalytic converters. I imagine I'll use it for other neat things in the future provided it lasts that long.

    By Susan on Jan 28, 2014

    My husband bought this device through my Prime account. I was all like "What the hey is this gadget you bought?" Looked like a toy taser to me. At least that's what I was hoping it wasn't... But, we were in the process of moving into a new-construction "Energy star" certified house; you know, high efficiency "heat" pumps, ect. And he wanted to "test stuff."

    He set out checking all the heat registers of our old gas heated house and then compared the temps to the new "heat" pump, which we promptly renamed "lukewarm" pump. He checked everything: closets, door and window seals, attic temps, floor temps, stove burners, oven; you name it he tested it. He tested day and night in every nook in the house. We now know the temp of toilet seats at 2 freaking AM! Then he looked at me and winked. I promptly hid the damn thing.

    He shared all readings and discrepancies found with the builder who had to admit it was the single most expensive toy (to him) he ever had the pleasure of confronting. But, it saved us a bunch of hassle and expense, fixing his stuff before it was our stuff.

    Next he was in the garage balancing carbs on "Connie," his motorcycle. At least that's what I think he was doing. I'm no mechanic. Now hubby takes this gadget to hunting camp to test whatever men test when telling lies, drinking and playing poker...

    Seriously, if you want to buy the neatest gadget for a present or whatnot (hubby says it ranks second only to his saws-all as a man-tool) you need to get one of these for the old man. It rolled years off his mental age, not that he needed to do that ...

    By Mark Gazdik on Nov 09, 2013

    This thing is really cool. Simple, elegant and useful. As a volunteer firefighter, I got this to quickly and cheaply look for hotspots on a fire scene with our expensive Thermal Imaging Camera was already in use. Luckily, no fires since I bought the temp gun, but I've used it with an indoor fireplace to make sure nearby objects weren't heating up, to check oven/food temps, how hot the pavement in the sun is, etc.

    The unit works pretty easily: press the trigger once to wake it out of standby mode, then press and hold again to activate the laser pointer and infrared reader. The backlight helps to see the display, and the numbers on the display are easy to read. Simple, effective, comfortable in the hand. And the packaging was old-school cardboard rather than the impossible to open PVC plastic stuff everything comes in. A+ on the packaging as well.

    By Belman on Oct 15, 2013

    Bought it for variety of purposes around house ... check temp outflow from air vents, R&R cell phone screen, terminal lug temps on service panel, BBQ grill temps, even my wife's cold butt (only 2.4 degrees off 98.6). Just point, click & read. Very handy & accurate!

    By Falconnan on Mar 07, 2013

    As far as I can tell, this works almost perfectly. Boiling water on my stove always reads at around 210 Fahrenheit, which it should. Remember that the further above sea level you are, the lower the boiling point, which liquid water at a boil cannot exceed. Water that is freezing into ice likewise reads at 32, plus or minus a degree. All told, while I cannot verify perfect accuracy outside of these ranges, thus far I have been very happy with it.

    As a side note-when I measured the temperature of high-luster metal surfaces, the accuracy seems to diminish. For my purposes, this is not particularly important, but I did find this interesting.

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