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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By Ronald Henry on Jan 17, 2015

    Right out of the box- its simple to use and everything is very simple to figure out. just point the the general direction and it will tell you the temp. of the area its pointed at. good stuff, i liked it a lot.

    By Jim S. on Jul 31, 2014

    Worked very well out of the box. Our A/C contractor even used it on a recent service call so he didn't have to go out to his truck to get his! Easy to use. Now I can determine whether my heat pump "head units" are putting out cold enough air. Low temps alert me to possible freon leaks. I realize now that I can use it to assess the temperature of all kinds of surfaces. (Maybe my wife will turn it on me the next time I blow my top!)

    By Alex H. on Aug 17, 2013

    I purchased this infrared thermometer because it was a cost effective solution for a project that I was working on. The project was actually the "re-flow" of a video graphics chip on a laptop motherboard which involves raising the temperature where the chip is soldered onto the motherboard itself, so that the solder re-melts and any broken solder joints are fixed. In order to do that accurately I must know what the temperature of the area is at all times during the process.

    That said, this device provided a cost effective solution to my need. My other option would have been to purchase a digital volt-meter with a thermocouple sensor. This would have been much more expensive, and since I was working with a temperature range and not a specific temperature, I felt the infrared thermometer was an acceptable choice.

    It also has many other great uses around the house, like measuring the freezer temperature in the kitchen refrigerator in order to find the best and most energy efficient setting for the appliance.

    By W. Davis on Jul 31, 2013

    I love the thermometer. Works well for checking temp of trailer hubs, BBQ grills and playing Captain Kirk. I just wish they would have put it in a blow-molded plastic case that is more durable than this cruddy cardboard box. I would have paid a couple of bucks more for that option. Still, for the price, I can't really complain.

    By db91711 on Jul 22, 2013

    Easy to use and reasonably accurate. When my wife had a flareup of rheumatoid arthritis in one knee, we measured a three degree increase in temperature. She was pleased to be able to document the difference so clearly.

    By M. Muller on Jul 16, 2013

    I'm mostly using this to check vehicle temperatures, and it's fine for that application. It seems to read about 5 degrees off from actual temperature on "room temp" stuff I've checked, though. So it's good at ballpark estimates, but I wouldn't use it for anything really precise. It's nice that they include the battery.

    By This Guy on Jul 09, 2013

    Great product. Compact. Ergonomic. Nice micro texture. The battery is a bit tough to stuff, but this is a complement considering the alternative of it rattling around. Accuracy was well within 1 degree F when compared to various things, eg, an antique thermometer, the bottom of my tongue, my meet thermometer. Laser sight is accurate enough; there is no fault I could find. I compared the device to another 'brand' in the $25 range with a higher upper limit and this one was far more accurate(although this is splitting hairs considering the <1 degree deviation I found). Included battery is not alkaline and if you hope it will be your just nuts. It comes in a nice box that allows for gift presentation. I can partially attest to product consistency since I bought two and tested both(of corse lemons are inevitable with this type of product due to the consumers who gamble on it rather then the region in which it was manufactured[chicken vs egg if you will]). So you have to hope not to get one(a lemon),and I guess just eat it if you do.

    By Eastmachinery Customer on Jun 18, 2013

    I use it for several different projects around the house, in the kitchen, and in the garage. Laser pointer is helpful, and the backlight display option has come in handy several times. I don't know how accurate it truly is, but it's been just as useful for checking fry oil temperature as for checking which header pipe isn't getting hot on my motorcycle (i.e. which cylinder isn't firing). I have a couple friends who bought this same model and are all happy with it. Can beat it for the price.

    By smokinggun on Apr 24, 2013

    I bought this IR gun because I'm sick of my thermocouple thermometers having way too much variance. I'd try to calibrate them to ice water and boiling water, but theres also an issue of scale (they might both read 0C at freezing and somewhere in the range of 100C for boiling. But they'd be far apart at intermediate temperatures, infuriating me as to which one is the more accurate one.) I was cautious about the accuracy of this gun (based on the review of a pissed off contractor i presume). I did an out of the box test; walk up to your home thermostat, point at the wall right next to it and take the temp. The IR gun read 74.4F, the Thermostat read 74F. Ok, but what about other temps. Opened my freezer and shot an ice cube... -17C. Ok that was a dumb move because I can't reference that temp against anything. So I shot a cup of soda with ice water (that had been melting for an hour or so. Temp: 0.8C. Actual temp should be 0C. Final test: hold down the trigger and move in a slow circle around the room. The values should change. Does the temp return to the starting value when the circle is complete? Yeah, 84.5F. Verdict, this little guy is pretty much on target. I will forgive accuracy errors less than 2deg C, which is what it is rated at, although compared to my near arbitrary standards I did not see more than a degree C of variation. The fact that it reads temps in real time as you hold down the trigger is a nice plus. A pretty good value imo.

High Temperature Gun Non Contact Infrared Thermometer With Type K (-50~1650°C )XINTEST HT-6897

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