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HT-6896 High temperature non-contact digital infrared thermometer with type K?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

HT-6896 High temperature non-contact digital infrared thermometer with type K?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

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US $72.99 ~ 74.99 / piece
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US $189.00 / piece
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By Timothy Lee on May 11, 2016

    Awesome infrared thermometer temperature gun! It is super useful to have and I think my main use for this will be to check temperature from the air vents to make sure the heater and air conditioner is working. Of course, there are many other uses you can use with this, but that is the situation where I think this will be the most useful because those vents are always hard to reach. It is much easier to point a gun at them to check if it is working. My favorite part about this temperature gun is definitely the variety of features it has along with the versatility it provides.
    I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
    PRO: The quality of this product is very good. Like I mentioned before, I really like the myriad of features that comes with this gun. First of all, the auto off function is super convenient so you never have to worry about wasting battery. Second, the temperature reading can be changed from fahrenheit to celsius, whatever you prefer. The backlight also allows you to see the screen easily without much light and there are a couple of other features as well. As you can see from my pictures, the gun is a perfect size and fits well into my hand. Also, even though there are lots of different features, the gun is still very easy to use and even without reading the instructions that come with it (which are very detailed and clear), you can still figure out how to use this gun for sure.
    CON: The only thing I don't really like about this gun is that it requires a 9V battery which is a little bit more annoying to get than something like a double AA battery, but honestly, it is not too much of a hassle because I had a 9V battery lying around and I guess it makes sense to use a stronger battery for something that requires more electricity. Also, I haven't used up the battery yet and I don't think I will for a while because it is pretty energy efficient due to the auto off feature.
    Overall, I am highly satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who does not have this gun! It is super awesome and just fun to own too haha. I like to check the temperature of everything now :O

    By Micheal T. on May 01, 2016

    I purchased 6 of these in the past 2 days for my service technicians and for A couple of my good customers. I operate A hvac/r company and we used to use the $150 Dewalt ones but no longer since I got these. My service techs are pleased with the way these work. Great item and the dual lasers are A BIG help.

    By luishiram51 on Apr 30, 2016

    I work as s chef and one of the principal thing a chef need is a thermometer and i really like the lasergrip. I still use the classic one because the department of health ask To use that one. but i use this one for taking heat temperature of the hot oil or the meatloaf ,porkchop ,chickens etc. Is really easy to use just point the target and instantly will give you the temperature . perfect for knowing the liquids temperature , if you want to know the tempeture of thing like rice or meat you need to move it to get the real temperature that is in the bottom because this will give you the temperature of the superficial part .i most use it to now the temperature of cold stuff so i dont need to be inserting the other thermometer inside the cold beverage.is very good , easy to use and not only is for chef use, you can use it at home to see the temperature of your food , water or even people temperature because we tested it with our thermometer and gave the same temperature. I really recommend.I got this item with discount for giving a honest review.

    By K. McDonnell on Apr 23, 2016

    Let me get this out of the way right away. I, too, received this for free in exchange for my review. Now you can decide whether or not to continue reading...

    I have wanted an infrared thermometer for some time. It's not that I have any frequent need for one, but I've wanted to toss one in my truck to check wheel bearing temperatures on my travel trailer. While I haven't been able to use this in that fashion yet, I have been able to test it against a significantly more expensive model.

    First off, the construction is nice. Feels good in the hand and all that. Soft-grip rubber on the handle. The battery compartment cover is well thought out, not requiring a small Phillips head screwdriver to open. Ironically, the battery itself is wedged in to the compartment so tightly that I used a small Phillips head screwdriver to pop it out. Go figure.

    It's dead simple to use. Without even reading the manual I found it easy to switch to Fahrenheit from Celsius. Also to turn the laser guides and back-light on or off. Really the only need for the instructions is to learn about emissivity and the proper distance to hold the unit at for accurate readings. Emissivity adjustments correct for different materials temperature absorption characteristics. There's a handy chart included.

    The "laser guides" are just that, guides. The actual temperature measurement is via an infrared sensor in the unit. The bright red beams are there to show you where, exactly, you're taking your measurements, and, more importantly, to help you find the proper distance for accurate readings. Contrary to somebody else's review, the proper distance isn't 12 inches, but 14.17 inches (as stated in the manual). A difficult distance to accurately find, if it weren't for the laser guide, which has two beams that merge into a single dot at, yep, 14.17 inches. Handy. As I mentioned above, you can turn the laser guides off. They are just there for aiming.

    I had the opportunity to test this against a much-more expensive unit at work. I work for the railroad, and some of the mechanical employees use infrared thermometers to check axle bearing temperatures (now you know where I got the idea). The Etekcity unit consistently measured within a degree or 2 Fahrenheit of the pro unit. That's technically better than the specifications, which call for +/- 2%, or +/- 2 degrees C (that's roughly 3.6 degrees F). Aiming it at various items around my home showed pretty consistent results, as well.

    I wouldn't use this for checking peoples temperatures, by the way. It won't hurt you, but your skin temperature doesn't reflect your body internal temp. I get in the 80's when I check my skin (to the person that say's he gets 94-97 degrees off of his skin, better run to the doctor). Also, while I haven't seen anybody posting pictures of checking food on the grill, I have seen that with other unit's reviews. Not gonna work, people. You need to check internal temperature. This won't do that.

    All in all I'm pretty impressed with this unit. The price (for me, of course) is right, and meeting the accuracy of much more expensive units is. again, impressive. I don't think you can go wrong with this, if you have a need for it.

    Official Seal of Approval applied.

    By Kwabina on Apr 18, 2016

    I got this product with the intent to use it to check the temperature of my dutch ovens while cooking. I've had this thing for a week and haven't had a chance to use it with my dutch ovens. But, I decided to go ahead and put my review in now because I think I have used it enough to know it is a quality product.

    So, mostly I've just been pointing this thing around the house at any old item I could find. But, I also cast bullets from molten lead and powder coat them. This became a valuable tool in that process.

    Before I say more, keep in mind this measures surface temps.

    So, I made about 500 lead cast bullets on Friday last week. It takes hours. It is also somewhat dangerous at certain steps and I have burned myself a number of times doing it. Simply put, lead is solid even when it is 200-300 degrees F. So, I used this to check surface temps at various stages to see if they could be handled. And, in fact, this saved me some burns.

    When casting I toss new bullets into a large pan. The pan fills up. And when complete there are hot spots and cool spots. I used the Laser thermometer to find the cool spots and avoid the hot spots while moving through them and discarding poorly cast bullets. It allowed me to review hot spots multiple times very quickly to determine when it was cool enough to comb through.

    A later stage in the process involves baking powder coated bullets at about 450 F for 15-30 minutes. Afterwards you pull them out of the oven and break things apart as necessary wearing gloves. Using this I was able to once again watch and monitor for hot spots and cool spots in the pile of lead until I could use my hands to move them to a storage container.

    That all sounds pretty boring but I can say that this little device allowed for a much smoother process. The ability to monitor continuously while scanning provides something I've never had with any temperature device before.

    A few more notes. The lasers on this essentially represent a top and bottom point on an invisible circle. This allows you to take various area readings of various sizes. I have tested this from pinpoint up to about 24 inches. I don't know if this is properly rated for a 24 inch circle but the return was consistent enough for me to say that even at 15 feet from your target you should be able to get within a degree or 2. I also believe that when you push it up to above 600 F it stays pretty accurate. I checked this with a couple of K-Type thermocouples. I believe this is more accurate for surface temperatures than the thermocouples I had at my exposure.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in continuous surface temperature monitoring. But, for the price, I would recommend this to anyone who has ever wanted an infrared thermometer.

    Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased review. I am aware of the price and would have paid for this device if it was not provided for free.

    By Neo on Apr 14, 2016

    This infrared temp gun was a perfect product for me. I am an electrical engineer who designs circuit boards for a living. Part of the design process is to verify the temperature rises of all components and specifically, to make sure that the temperature does not exceed certain absolute values. This gun is perfect for determining quickly the hot spots on the circuit board and can even measure the temperature of a component in question to within 2 degrees. This is the spec listed in the manual and it did appear accurate in initial testing. The recommended distance to hold the gun is 12 inches. I was concerned this would make it difficult to accurately measure small parts. I prefer to hold the gun within a few inches of the board and have gotten accurate results. I will be using this throughout my testing to verify that things have not gotten too hot. Also, as a troubleshooting tool, I will be able to use this infrared thermometer to detect a failed part. (I like to limit the power supply to a low current that will not damage the board, but will allow the failed part to get hot.)

    Looking at the features of the temp gun, I was very impressed. First of all, it feels and behaves like a quality product. There is a nice grip on the handle, and the battery fits snugly in the battery compartment, but is not difficult to remove. I like how the thermometer actively measures the temperature while you are pressing the trigger and then holds the hottest temperature when you let go. It has two lasers that triangulate to tell the user the position and size of the invisible infrared spot. The user knows he is at the right distance when the laser points are 1 inch apart. If you do not want the laser, simply push a clearly marked button to turn it off. The temp monitor also has a backlight, which I will not need in a bright lab, but would be handy for measuring temperatures outside at nighttime. The temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius with the push of a button. The user also has the ability to adjust for the type of object he is measuring by changing the emissivity setting. (Materials will radiate heat depending on their emissivity. A hot object with low emissivity will appear to the temp gun to be cooler than it is unless the emissivity of the sensor is adjusted.) The device I received was set to a default emissivity of 0.95. Judging from the lookup table received with the product, most non-reflective materials have a high emissivity close to 1, so the tool will be reasonably accurate without adjusting this setting.

    I already got a bunch of use out of this infrared thermometer in its first day of work. I expect this to be a very handy tool in the years to come!

    I received this product at a discounted price or free in exchange for my honest review.

    By Hoopa_93 on Apr 13, 2016

    Etekcity Lasergrip 1022D (Temp range: -58° to 1022°F): From ice cream to DIY bullets and fishing weights, this infrared thermometer measures them all.

    This infrared thermometer allows you to take accurate temperature reading without having to contact the item you are measuring. Personally, I cook a lot, so I challenged the temp reading on my oven. To my pleasure, the Etekcity Lasergrip read the same teperature, confirming the accuracy of the oven. The display is large and easy to read, thanks to the backlight. The design is pleasing, and the grip is rubberized to ensure a secure hold.

    The user manual: easy to read and understand. It's not cluttered with a bunch of technical jargon.
    The best feature is the ability to calibrate the sensor based on what material you are measuring. Included in the manual is the list of emissivity values for proper calibration.
    Very easy to use and totally accurate. And for those of you who like multi-purpose tools, it also doubles as an entertainment device for your pet. (It does use lasers, so stay clear of the eye and face)

    I received this item in exchange for my unbiased review. These opinions are my own and we're not influenced by the seller.

    By Titanium22 on Apr 12, 2016

    I have used other Infrared thermometers before with varying degrees of success. In the past one of the hardest things to do was aim. How these work is as the infrared beam emits from the tester it expands its radius. It’s hard to know how big it’s looking at from a distance. This Etekcity model solves that problem by using 2 lasers that show you how big of area it’s looking at. This makes the reading much more accurate as it greatly improves your aim.

    For the money the fit and build quality in my hand is pretty good. The meter feels dense and doesn’t rattle. With a battery it has some weight as well and feels like it could survive a drop or two pretty easily.

    The large screen has a nice blue backlight that makes it easy to see in dim light. The LCD screen was also easily read outdoors in the sun. The temperature gun has the ability to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit and switch between the two with the push of a button. It also has a max min mode that shows you the highest and lowest temps you have seen recently.

    I was impressed the battery was included. It came wrapped in plastic inside the handle. It was a little hard to get out but once I did I removed the plastic, attached the 9V battery cable and put it back in.

    Overall this is a nice temperature gun, While you might not think of all the places this could be used once you have one you will find them all over the place. It’s great to see how well your heat/AC is running in your home, good to hot or cold spots in your fridge or freezer or any other surface temps. It’s not designed to take the temperature of your body however. The combination of the dual sighting lasers, and backlit screen make this infrared thermometer gun a winner.

    Disclaimer: I was supplied a sample at a discount for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

    By mike p on Apr 11, 2016

    i really had my doubts about this one because the other one i have reads temps way off and just is a waste. got this one and WOW. this thing works amazing. does not matter if it is cold or hot you are trying to scan this thing is spot one. true test was when i scan a temp reader i have for the house and they both read the same thing! i will for sure tell my friends and family about this one. very impressed! great item! i got this item at a discount for my honest review

    By Nurse MoMo on Apr 09, 2016

    Ok, so i purchased this with no real reason or need... or so I thought. It arrived this morning and has not been put down since. I has gone from person to person checking the temps of anything and everything that can be found.
    People, dogs cats, infant, floor, ceiling, walls, fridge, freezer, tea kettle, coffee, heater vent, shower, tv, and who knows what else. The real point is it has provided way more entertainment than i ever would have thought. Silly? Yes but still fun and interesting.

    On to the product itself, construction is solid it can (and has) take a dropping. Rubber on the handle, trigger, and nose helps with grip and added protection. Very lightweight but still feels solid. Battery compartment is easy to access, takes one 9v which is provided. I have tested the accuracy compared with two other thermometers and it is very accurate, within 1°-2°. The four buttons are easy to use for me but might be a bit small if you had bigger gloves on. Backlight display is a nice touch that makes it very easy to read indoors or outside.

    This is a great product at a great price. I am sure that there are many commercial applications but for me it is purely entertainment and information at this point. Also it is a great gadget for kids (right age or supervised) to experiment and learn with.
    I highly recommend this to anyone looking at one, well worth it.

    I received this product at a discount/free in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the seller.

HT-6896 High temperature non-contact digital infrared thermometer with type K

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