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HT-6899 Non Contact High temperature Infrared thermometers with Type K input?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

HT-6899 Non Contact High temperature Infrared thermometers with Type K input?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

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US $92.99 ~ 99.99 / piece
List Price:
US $320.00 / piece
1 / piece
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By lsk on Feb 02, 2016

    Use this in our off grid cabin. It works well as far as I can tell no other real source for confirmation but seems fairly accurate. When we are away from cabin we take out batteries and when we return it is very cold until we get wood stove rolling. It also takes a while before the batteries and gun warm up to work and give any reading at all. But we can tell that it works as we warm up.

    By LM on Dec 05, 2015

    I bought this digital thermometer in order to take temperature readings during my home coffee roasting sessions. I use the readings to document temp/time for more accurate roast profiles, and the thermometer has proven to be accurate and fast. The item arrived on time, fit the description precisely, and has been working great for the past two months.

    By Donata Joseph on Dec 04, 2015

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gun. As you can see I need several for my soap making classes. It makes it so easy to use these for correct temperatures for molding the soaps. I've used these in the past with no problems and will continue buying more as my class gets bigger. I love the cost also. Very reasonable.

    By j. on Dec 03, 2015

    I bought this product a few months ago to help me identify drafts in my house. I was able to simply and quickly identify several spots weather strips needed to be replaced and, although I'm terribly lazy, the product did exactly what it needed to. I also use it when cooking, specifically to make sure surfaces are at the proper temperature to sear meats.

    The only thing I don't like, and I'm absolutely serious that this is its only flaw: the darn thing beeps when it locks the previous value. It's irritating when doing multiple spots quickly, and I wish I could turn it on and off.

    By wolfforce on Dec 01, 2015

    I got this little thing out of curiosity and I love it! Took it backpacking with me, and not only did it not die in my backpack but I'm pretty sure its temperature readings were accurate. I use it around the house all the time just to see what areas of the house are warmer/colder than others, and it lines up pretty well with my thermostat's readings. I also use it to check on the warm and cool sides of my snake tank, and unless the tank's thermometer is wrong it's accurate for that as well. This is a fun little gadget. I wouldn't hold it to complete accuracy, but it'll give you a really good idea of the temperatures you're trying to read. I haven't had any problems with it so far, and I've had it for a few months now (battery is lasting pretty long! haven't changed those yet). If you need very specific measurements, this might not be for you, but if you're just generally curious like me this is a great purchase.

    By corderm on Nov 30, 2015

    I love this thing! Even when I don't need it for anything particularly useful, it is fun to play around with it and to verify temperatures of household things. I know it is accurate, as I used it to monitor a pan of water as I was bringing it to a boil. As the water began to boil, the temp display said 212 degrees, which we all know (hopefully) is the temperature when water begins to boil. I think this is definitely worth the bargain price.

    By Albert Meleo on Nov 27, 2015

    Very happy with the performance and price of this temperature gun. I use it to confirm that my air conditioner is working properly and that I am getting an even distribution of the conditioned air. I have also used it to chek the temperature of a questionable componant on a printed ircuit board. For the price it works well.

    By Parkinme on Sep 05, 2015

    Works great!!! We use it for all kinds of cooking and bbqing. I like to be able to check the temp of the smoker without opening the top. My wife uses it for wok cooking temp and other temp checks. I also use it to check the temp of bearings in my equipment. If a bearing temp is too high I replace the bearing before a catastrophic failure. Saves me time and money. No one should be without one of these.

    By Bob on Aug 02, 2015

    Using it in the kitchen for checking stove top skillet and oven temperatures with both electric stove and portable induction cooker.

    Works easily and perfectly for this task.

HT-6899 Non Contact High temperature Infrared thermometers with Type K input

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