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Customer Reviews

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digital  high  temperature  HT-6898  with  type K input?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

digital high temperature HT-6898 with type K input?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

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US $87.99 ~ 89.99 / piece
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US $190.00 / piece
1 / piece
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By Sammantha on Mar 15, 2016

    This is a nice thermometer! I have had much nicer but this will get the job done. It feels a little light like it would be easy to brake if it slipped out of your hand, but for such a good price I would not expect the worlds most durable thermometer! All in all I still consider it to be a great purchase.

    By Joshua S. Falk on Jan 19, 2016

    Who doesn't want to know exactly how hot the fire in the fireplace is?

    I also use it regularly to check pot or pan temperature as well as my Foreman grill.

    By Rob Moon on Jan 02, 2016

    This item is great, I don't know how I went without one for so long. I measure the temperature of everything now. In the future I may buy a higher quality one, because I feel this one may be a little off at times.

    By Leibniz's iPod on Dec 07, 2015

    I teach classes on food and wine, and of the exercises that I do with classes is to identify temperature differences in the mouth. That is, we will take temperature of mouth and wine/food temperature, then note differences in flavor profiles. I have been using stick thermometers, but this is faster, more accurate, and easier. There's no waiting for it to come up to temp; the reading is immediate.

    And then, once I had it laying around the house, I started to realize all of the other things that I could use it for. I use it when I'm making cheese, I use it when I'm tasting wine for reviews, I use it for my fish tank, soups, breads – everything.

    I even had some friends over recently where we just started testing the temperature of everything around the house. Also -- because there's a visible laser point -- it works great as a cat toy.

    By bailey on Dec 06, 2015

    First of all, I had no idea something like this existed. Secondly, i didn't know that it was this afforable. It's easy to use, accurate, useful, and I'm using it more than I expected. No regrets, practical purchase.

    By Ian McFarlane on Dec 02, 2015

    Handy and accurate enough to be useful. I measured a bunch of places around the apartment on a hot day and graphed the results. Under bed, floor, wall, ceiling for in the bedroom and in the living-room. Also scanned the sidewalk and grass outside (by poking my hand out the window) and the cat hiding under the bed. Could see the bedroom baking over the day like a solar heater and the cat struggling to regulate her temp but was slowly raising anyway. Got a portable air conditioner and remeasured, much better for everyone (cat included). Great handheld sensor!

    - A Physics PhD

    By Danny G. Mitchell on Nov 30, 2015

    These units are perfect for our everyday use in the energy field. The cost effectiveness is superb, considering our high rate of use and the harsh environment in which they perform. They are accurate and well made too!

    By Noel A. on Nov 29, 2015

    I like the thermometer as expected. I purchased the thermometer to compare & confirm the actual temperature of my car engine to thermostat reading. And I got the the actual reading and gave the confirmation that my car thermostat is working properly.

    By Richard on Nov 26, 2015

    This handy little gadget is accurate and simple. I bought one for the purpose of checking ducting and insulation in the house but soon found it quite useful in other applications like finding hot and cold spots in the refrigerator and checking temp in areas of the car engine. The unintended benefit was finding out the pets in the house love to chase the laser light and battery's are simple double AA's. Great item!

    By George on Nov 26, 2015

    this is very handy, especially when i am checking things on my jeep engine working on it, making sure things are not too hot to touch LOL I have checked the reading of this with other thermometers --- both digital and dial and it is always within +/- 1 degree , really now..thats dam close if you ask me Great Item at a great price

digital high temperature HT-6898 with type K input

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