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XINTEST HT-816 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 650℃)?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

XINTEST HT-816 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 650℃)?imageView2/5/w/80/h/80/q/75|imageslim

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US $7.60 ~ 9.60 / piece
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US $15.80 / piece
1 / piece
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    By stefa on Mar 17, 2017

    We love this toy. We use it to check the temp of everything from our pool to the baby's milk. I have even checked the baby's forehead and it is close to the same reading we get with an arterial scanner. Outside, it is consistent with other temperature gauges we have. I feel it is pretty accurate and really easy to use.

    By C-Busite on Feb 01, 2017

    Perfect for helping me know where to place my food in my hearth oven and for letting me know what the temps are in the oven. Very pleased and so easy to use.

    Also doubles as a Feline entertainment device. BONUS!!!

    By Daniel on Nov 17, 2016

    As a scientist and person interested in home efficiency. This thing is great. It makes it trivial to identify sources of heat loss in the winter, effectiveness of heating in different parts of the house, etc. But it's also just fun to go around checking the temperature of things (stove, ice pack, chilled drink). Think about how many times in our lives we are affected by the temperature of things and we end up just guessing.

    As far as this particular model is concerned. It's pretty basic. The instructions are poorly translated from Chinese, but there's not really much to it other than: 1) you cant see through glass with it 2) some highly reflective surfaces may give incorrect readings (there's a list of materials in the manual).

    By Elvis on Oct 13, 2016

    I test my Nubee with my parner Fluke and the reading was the same. The only diferent was mine cost $20.00 and His cost $125.00.

    By Lorijay on Sep 25, 2016

    This is great thermometer that I use for making soap. It shipped quickly, came with batteries, and was easy to use right out of the box. It has some useful features like memory storage and emissivity sensing, i.e., surfaces that are painted or shiny may give a false reading. I don't use this very much as water and oil are within the preset range and I don't have to mess with any adjustments. I just point and shoot, couldn't be any easier. I have tested this against a standard glass and mercury thermometer, numbers were right on the money. Highly recommend.

    By Hej on Dec 26, 2015

    Works excellently as advertised, I've used it a few times since I bought it 9 months ago and it has been sitting around indoors with the original battery attached and still works.

    Another reviewer has contended that this unit drains the battery when left unattended but I cannot mirror this observation, after 9+ months of sitting around I am still able to use this unit with its original battery. It is more likely that environmental factors were the cause for battery drain.

    Anyway I have found no issue with this item, for $12 it does its job.

    By John on Mar 23, 2015

    I bought this on a whim when the price dropped down to $20 and I was not sure if I would actually use it. However, the device has ended up being very useful. I initially used this for checking my appliances and computers to see how hot they are getting. I also have used this for testing the temperature at my vents to make sure my HVAC system is working properly. Furthermore, I have used this device to check for air infiltration and areas of my house that needed more insulation.

    The device itself is dead easy to use – point and shoot and you know instantly the temperature. By default, there is a red laser pointer that shows you where you are aiming (you can turn the laser off if you want). You have to be aware that the device actually measures a cone, not a point. If you are 12 feet away, the cone will be larger than if you are a foot away. There is a fancier version of this that has two lasers that show you the edges of the cone for about ten bucks more. I usually hold this about a foot from what I am measuring and it seems to have a pretty tight measuring beam.

    There are buttons to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It automatically turns off after it is not used for a minute or so (to save battery). It takes a couple of seconds to turn on when you first use it. It has a great feature where it records the max temperature for the session.

    The build quality appears to be pretty good and it comes in bright orange so it is easy to spot when you are looking for it.

XINTEST HT-816 Non contact Infrared Thermometer (-50℃ to 650℃)

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