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What are Top factories?

Top factories are senior members whose factories have gone through field certification by Eastmachinery

How to become Top factories?

Top factories are Eastmachinery’s senior suppliers. All Top factories have to go through our field inspection to make sure they can provide high-quality products and services. Moreover, Top factories need to pay deposits to ensure the product quality which purchased from Eastmachinery.

Going through the certification by Eastmachinery, Top factories have the right to show “TOP Factory” icon, which proves the factory has been confirmed by Eastmachinery as legally registered enterprise. Founding time of factory will be also displayed for enterprises which go through the certification.

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How to become Top factories? They have to be

1.Maintaining the highest sale volume

Ranking highest on Eastmachinery in annual sale volume and order amount with millions of buyers purchasing their products

2. Honest, secured transaction with best services

These sellers are trusted by many buyers for their guaranteed honest and secured transactions.
Fast response times to inquiries and high speed shipping, with very low occurrences of refunds or disputes

3.Providing highest quality products

All the products offered are in accord with Eastmachinery policy and match their description, with satisfaction guaranteed even after the sale.

4. Keeping highest customer satisfaction

Receiving a high number of positive customer reviews, and chosen by many buyers

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do sellers need to pay to get the seal?

No, they don't need to pay any money. Top Factories are selected and authorized by Eastmachinery if the seller has high quality products with good services and has achieved Eastmachinery's sale and credibility index.

2. What is the criteria to be selected as Top Factories?

All Top Factories have to go through our field inspection to make sure they can provide high-quality products and services.
Eastmachinery selects Top Factories based mainly on the 4 standards mentioned above.

3. What to do with the sellers that are no longer in accord with Eastmachinery's criteria? What happens to sellers that no longer follow Eastmachinery's criteria?

Eastmachinery will keep monitoring the sellers' transactions, and will immediately cancel the seller's Top Factory seal once the seller violates the selection rules or doesn't meet the standards.

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