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About Us

Eastmachinery distribution business means distributors after certified, use goods of suppliers to get and manage orders. They can get rebate when their orders reach a certain amount and after successfully invite online store, company or real store to registered as eastmachinery distributor. The rebate money can be used in next order. Eastmachinery contracts with Chinese quality suppliers and deliver from the factories directly which makes you purchase Chinese products efficiently and with more confidence. This greatly saves time and costs for them. Eastmachinery is a platform gathered with Chinese supply manufacturers, the primary sources and the major brand suppliers.

  • Tools
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Supplies
  • Equipments
  • Hardware
We Eastmachinery Understand Your Difficulties
  • Low Purchase Efficiency

  • High Purchase Price

  • Low Purchase Efficiency

  • Hardly Guaranteed Quality

  • Incomplete Product Category

Distributor Platform Advantages And Services
Distributor Return
Real rebate, simple rebate: online order+invited order
Order rebate is counted based on quarter order amount:
US $100000-$200000(0.5% rebate),
US $200000-$500000(1% rebate),
US $500000-$1000000(2% rebate),
valid rebate for life!
Distributor Invitation
Share happiness with others. Exclusive invitation link and promotion
To copy exclusive invitation link
Invite eastmachinery distributor successfully
You will continuously get 0.5% rebate of your friends' order
amount as your permanent reward.
valid rebate for life!
Distributor Platform Advantages And Services
Dealers and service platform of services
  • Eastmachinery has a number of experienced professional cross-border e-commence customer service providing online service at the same time.
  • Distributors can get 7*24 professional one-to-one customer service at any time to resolve operational problems which saves labor cost for you.
  • We timely and efficiently give feedback on purchase consultation and provide professional purchase proposal on industrial products.
Free trial samples
  • Distributors have an exclusive sample application area according to their purchase volume level. You can apply for sample permission within the level, and the right to free use of the sample .
  • he more you purchase, the more categories and quantities of samples' free using right you can get .
  • After becoming Eastmachinery's distributors Two ways to get sales rebate. One: online purchase up to a certain amount; Second, to invite your friends to become distributors and get 1% cash back of his purchases.
  • The rebate level is divided according to distributors' quarter purchases amounts. More sales and more return.
  • Resellers can get purchase rebate based on their purchasing amount and use it on next order.
Direct delivery from overseas warehouses
  • Shipment cost from the shipping country to the destination country is very high for traditional cross-border trade. However, overseas warehouses can help you save most of the logistics costs.
  • Moreover, it can also shorten the lead time. When you place an order, we always respond quickly and promptly to notify overseas warehouses in their country to sort, pack, and ship products to the delivery address.
Chinese direct goods sources
  • We help distributors to eliminate price difference existed in the traditional middlemen trade, find inexpensive first-hand brand sources.
  • To most significantly redact your cost of purchase.
  • Moreover, it can also shorten the lead time. When you place an order, we always respond quickly and promptly to notify overseas warehouses in their country to sort, pack, and ship products to the delivery address.
Drop ship from supplier
  • No agent threshold, no agent fee, transparent whole process of transaction.
  • We help distributors to reduce order operating costs, including labor cost and logistics cost and en hance the purchase experience.
Purchase guarantee
  • The availability of purchase security guarantee is one of the sore point of cross-border trade buyers. Eastmachinery can escort your overseas purchases.
  • All online merchants have been conducted field certification, quality audit and data record by East machinery to ensure the provision of high-quality competitive goods to distributors.
  • Once a distributor's commodity has quality problem, he can return it to our warehouse in his country directly, reducing the return shipping cost and time.
Brand advertising promotion materials
  • The eastmachinery distributors can have a unique periodic Eastmachinery DM booklet of global hot commodities collection , becoming the first to understand the global industrial product market.
  • You can also receive regular gifts such as lightbox and merchant door stickers etc with Eastmachinery LOGO, as one of our many global distributors.
  • One On One Customer Service
  • Free Trial Samples
  • Rebates
  • Direct Delivery From Overseas Warehouses
  • Chinese Direct Goods Sources
  • Drop Ship From Supplier
  • Purchase Guarantee
  • Brand Advertising Promotional Materials
Brand Advertising Promotion Materials.
  • You have your own store
  • You have your own company
  • You have your own online store or other sales channel
  • You sell industrial products,machineries or related products
How To Join The Distribution
  • Visit Website
  • Click Register
    Fill in information in register page
  • Submit Files
    Fill in company or personal information
  • Awaiting Approval
    The platform will audit for you as soon as possible
  • Approved
    Congratulations to be distributor of Eastmachinery


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