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Eastmachinery, as a mechanical (industrial) cross-border trading platform, is to make the buyers and suppliers establish efficient and reliable relationship. We focus on China's best factories and brands. We reply on internet technology and intelligent overseas warehouse. We optimize the supply chain and buyer's purchase mode. In order to provide the most efficient service, the best quality products and the highest profits, we aim to let the world's buyers get the most perfect trading experience through Eastmachinery platform.
  • Industry Focus
    We only focus on the factory, the industrial products and the machinery.
  • Factory Selection
    We provide field trips, select the industry's top factories, only trade with the best manufacturers.
  • Product Selection
    According to the quality and market prices, we screen products layers by layers to provide the best products.
  • Category Exclusive
    We only choose one pilot enterprise for every category to make clients enjoy exclusive special products.
  • Professional Team
    Over 10 years of foreign trade experience, hundreds times of global exhibitors, professional service to be trusted.
  • Timely Service
    We provide full time online contact and timely response to meet clients' business needs at anytime and anywhere.

Our Model - One-Stop Procurement Model

Shortest supply chain | Lowest transaction cost | Maximum profit
Factory Quality Products
Intelligent Warehouse Exhibition Center
Offline Retailers
Online Network Retailers

Intelligent Overseas Warehouse Exhibition Center

East Machinery has offline intelligent warehouse exhibition centers in Vietnam, Germany, Brazil, the United States and other places .Through multimedia intelligent communication and variety of product display, you can do field view and direct purchasing of Chinese high-quality industrial products with the most convenient way and enjoy the standard price distribution system ,making procurement easy and efficient!

By November 2016, we have 8 overseas warehouses, 9 intelligent warehouse exhibition centers, the layout point is still expanding...


China Factory Outlet

Eastmachinery is the leading online wholesale market in the field of machinery and industrial products.We aim to provide the end-to-end purchasing solution and become your professional purchase agent.We can provide you products with best quality and lowest price in China, which can save time and cost for your purchase. Eastmachinery will provide buyer protection,safe refund policy and courier tracking service.Our goal is to provide customers with convenient and safe shopping experience.


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