Agricultural Machinery

This section includes Farm Machinery, harvest machinery, agricultural products processing machinery , agricultural transport machinery,Forestry Machinery and Agriculture Machinery Parts.

Mining Machinery

This department including of Crusher,Mine Mill ,Mineral Separator,Mining Machinery Parts and other mining machines. There are also Metallurgical Machinery Lifting,loading and unloading machinery equipments, and cement equipment.

Machinery tools, metal, wood, stone processing machinery

Machine tools, metal, wood, stone processing machinery

General Machinery

Here you will find that they are belong of General Machinery.Oil drilling,Refining ,Chemical Machinery,Pumps, fans, valves, gas compressor,Paper,Printing,Plastic processing ,Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery and so on.

Construction Machinery

This Construction Machinery department features a range of equipment for Earth moving,Compaction,Concrete ,Excavator and Other Construction Machinery. such as Forklift, is also available here


Eastmachinery shows from big to small car ,heavy truck ,Lorry, highway bus, bus,Modified car and used cars and so on.

Electrical Machinery

This group is a series of electrical equipment,power generation machinery, Transformer, Electric Motor ,Welding Machine ,power machinery and equipment.

Machinery Parts

In this department inludes Water pollution control equipment,Air pollution control equipment, Solid waste handling equipment and so on.

New products